HIGHRESO ‘s Creative technology satisfies new needs of the innovative age.

We are confident that our inspirative and leading-edge technology brings lots of smile to everyone.

To achieve what we believe in our hearts and minds, our unique GPU data center is established in Shika Machi, Ishikawa Prefecture. Besides that, we implemented the Project “Regional Revitalization x IoT” at Shika Machi as part of CSR activities. Providing free AI and IoT systems to cooperating organizations, we bring laughter to regional production sites.


Converting Imagination to Creation with breakthrough technologies

Our surroundings are progressing at a revolutionary speed.

AI and IoT evolution promote smart city concepts or smart mobility with autonomous driving, enhancement of security technologies with face recognition at airports etc. In addition, there are live broadcasting of 4K/8K high resolution images. Endless new technologies are enhancing better live standards.

Living at the contemporary age, we trace the future we draw and witness the accomplishment of it.

Adapting to these transformations, cutting-edge technology is inevitable to achieve innovative ideas by start-up companies or engineers. Therefore, we would like to graciously provide our breakthrough creativity and technologies. We intend to realize everyone’s dream.

These are the visions that we are tracing.


Smile is like a mirror.

When you make someone smile, they smile back and become happy.

We hope to be able to enrich everyone’s life by providing technology and services that can create more smiles, as if how we are blessed with food that is well prepared. We work hard to develop the best services to the world.

As a company with innovative tech, we help to create more and more smiles.
We have the power to aim for a bright future with our creativity and technology.


Making everyone happy with state-of-the-art creativity and technology.

Our strength is to accommodate the expectations of technology advancement in the new era. This is achieved by our original technology capabilities accumulated daily and the endorsement of our staffs.

We developed “GPU Server” that is a high functionality back-end system with numerous program language development ability nurtured by application and game design. Our in-house GPU server started only with using the space of 2 pieces of tatami, and as of year 2020, we accomplished the operation results of 10,000 pieces. Our effort and experiences start to yield results as we have new companions running the Shiga data center, and a strong network with top technicians.

We are opening our window of opportunity, challenging with our stakeholders and working towards realizing our dreams.


High-resolution computation for ongoing needs

Our company established at the presence of smart phones, when high resolution solution needs surged in IT field globally including Japan. We sensed the growth of a new era in the IT field.

Anticipating the requirements of this new generation, we prepare a diversity of services to support the new needs. We sincerely think that our existence is to provide high resolution creativity and technology to the world.