Establishment of first GPU specialized data center in Japan

We established our first GPU specialized in-house data center on year 2017. The first data center with 200 pieces GPU is located in Niiza city of Saitama prefecture. Upon that achievement, we expanded our data centers to many other places, including Nagasaki prefecture that is in southern Japan and further to Malaysia.

As of year 2020, we are the number one
in Japan in terms of the numbers of
GPU specialized data centers.
We are currently operating more than
10,000 pieces of GPU.

Acting as the management agency with our expertise and know how

Besides the set up of our new data centers, we help other companies to manage their data centers. We are mainly involved in infrastructure and design consultation services for new data centers set up, for example sharing our expertise on the air flow or the electricity supply etc. We provide suggestions to increase cooling efficiency for cost performance purposes, ensuring good construction of data centers. Other than that, we offer co-location services (or housing services) for companies with in-house GPU servers but having difficulties regarding the server installations or space maintenance/ space utilization.
We provide our services at a robust and stable installation environment. Our data center at Shika machi is a place with cooling temperature throughout the year, and the land has the least occurrence of earthquake.
Our customers benefit from the low cost of electricity supply compared to competitors, as electricity bills are cheaper than in cities. This is due to our unique air flow design that fully utilize natural air to cool down the data centers.
n addition to housing services, based on our experiences and know-how of running in-house data centers with most numbers of GPUs in Japan, we can meet customer needs carrying out reliable maintenance and managing on behalf of customers.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any difficulties in constructing data centers. You may share with us if you are facing obstacles finding a location to install GPUs or managing/maintaining GPU servers. We will do whatever we can offering an appropriate solution that best suit your needs.
  1. Establishment of new customer
  2. Consulting
  3. Management on behalf of customer
  4. Daily management
  5. Support

Our achievements and footprints

une 2017 (GPU 200pcs)
Establishment of in-house GPU data center at Niiza city, Saitama prefecture
June 2017 (GPU 1000pcs)
Constructed GPU data center at Sasebo city, Nagasaki prefecture
June 2017 (GPU 600pcs)
Constructed GPU data center at Kasukabe city, Saitama prefecture
November 2017 (GPU 800pcs)
Constructed GPU data center at Asaka city, Saitama prefecture
December 2017 (GPU 2000pcs)
Constructed GPU data center at Seremban, Malaysia
April 2018 (GPU 4000pcs)
Launched in-house data center at Niiza city, Saitama prefecture
August 2019 (GPU 5500pcs)
Launched in-house production facilities/ data center at Shika machi, Ishikawa prefecture
Year 2021
Initiating the second data center at Shika machi, Ishikawa prefecture