HIGHRESO Co. Ltd is actively involved in a variety of creative production, including service/project developments, design/ managing marketing and promotions.

Besides originating our one stop advertising technology that links industry and media seamlessly, we provide our advertising services to customers. Following are introduction of HIGHRESO advertising technology that meets the requirements of the next generation.

Having our sophisticated professionals with advertising field expertise,

Our advertising technology may lead customers to take the shortest and best route to their goals.

The process initializes
current market research
market mappings

and start from a

well-defined and appropriate

value proposition

Clarifying the specifications of services and products lead to visualizing the impact of advertising to the world.
We have the strength and expertise
to deliver a most satisfactory
solution, from proposal till
the accomplishment of
the advertising

Teams are grouped flexibly based on project units.
Person in charge will be directing the project and
initiate close communication with customers.

We work towards
a precise goal

Total promotion that combines reality and internet

Total promotion emphasizes the goal on “brand recognition and customer attraction” of services and products. We contribute ideas and recommendations that utilizes web media broadcasting, bringing significance impact to reality. Reveal the purpose and effect of each promotion stage, we deliver full service from the real event to the interconnecting advertising operation.

Real event

In total promotion, we play a significant role in real event arrangements. With the accomplishment on a broad range of event planning and operation in Japan, we support real events base on customer needs. We deliver one stop solution from casting, leaflets (brochure) to progress management.

Original ASP “Ultima Affiliate”

We created “Ultima Affiliate” that is an ASP(Affiliate Service Provider) for mobile phones. Our in-house development of a performance reward type affiliate service is able to constantly capture the needs of Medias (partners) and Advertisers (clients), maximizing the goals for all.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is useful in increasing user awareness of services or products. Although it is an orthodox and conservative method, the effect may be dramatically changed using our know-how. From Listings and display advertising to SNS advertisements or ad network or DSP (Demand Side Platform), HIGHRESO’s expertise and media performance totally supports customers to formulate the best plan to the application of programmatic advertising.

Video advertisements

We noticed the emphasis on video advertisements in promotion measurements recently. Editing a perfect video might not be enough for advertisements to attract consumers. We provide total support for the entire promotion, from collaboration planning to creative production, and professional casting with the famous YouTubers of the season

In-house developed Smartphone service

HIGHRESO was born at the dawn period of smartphones. We created many services and applications for smartphones. Knowledge on industry trends and promotion approaches are important assets which we formulated upon the in-house evolvement of smartphone application and services. We are sure that we may utilize these experiences on preparing new services for the near future.

Smartphone service development and operation support

Smartphones are inevitable in our daily lives now and the convenient services through smartphones already changed our lifestyles. However, the complicated OS updates and terminal subdivisions etc. increases the difficulties of development and operation of smartphone services. We are happy to support our customer’s smartphone service businesses with our knowledge and experience.