HIGHRESO Co.,Ltd.’s 330-million-yen Series A Round fund raising

HIGHRESO Co.,Ltd (Representative: CEO Shikura Yoshiyuki, Head Office: Akasaka Community Building 5F

1-1-8 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan) announces underwriting of third-party allotment capital increase with Tokyo University of Science Innovation Capital (TUSIC), Hokuriku Electric Power Company, Cifra Incorporated, Jingukan Co., Ltd. A total of 1-billion-yen financing including loans from financial institutions etc. is expected.


■Financing purposes

The main objective is to construct the second GPU specialized data center at Shika machi, Ishikawa prefecture. At the same time, we are proactively attempt to recruitment, service development/improvement, marketing investment to accelerate our business growth. Besides that, we are facilitating next generation data center with Tokyo University of Science in conjunction with financing.

■Main characteristics of the Second GPU Data Center

We are installing NVIDIA’s and AMD’s GPUs, with a plan to establish a maximum of 20,000pcs.

We provide competitive services and reasonable prices to companies, academic research institutes and individual, to meet their needs for computational power.

Second GPU specialized data center is planned to be set up in January 2022.

5 local staffs are hired for First GPU specialized data center. About 15 staffs may be employed to run the second GPU specialized data center.

■HIGHRESO’s GPU business With the vision of “forming a technology based sustainable social infrastructure”, constructing and operating Japan biggest scale GPU, we are expanding our businesses providing GPU computing services through IaaS model (Infrastructure as a Service). Our GPU businesses started from year 2016 and we installed and are stably operating more than 20,000 GPUs as of February 1st, 2021. In addition, we established GPU specialized data center in Shika machi, Ishikawa prefecture, equipped with about 6,000 GPUs by NVIDIA and AMD.

■High Performance Computing Market

GPU computing is as if the “blood group system of next-generation technology” that is inevitable in promoting services in relation to AI, IoT, CAE (Complex Annotation Editor), autonomous driving etc. technology developments. The needs for high performance computing are emerging and becoming increasingly significant.

■Comments from underwriters

Tokyo University of Science Innovation Capital(https://tusic.co.jp/
CEO Katayori Yuichi, Takata Hisanori

Tokyo University of Science Venture Fund (TUSIC Investment Limited Partnership) contributes to the social advancement through investing and supporting companies that create and deliver innovative technology services.

Along with GPU market expansion as computation needs intensified with AI, IoT and other service establishments, we are sure that we will have a solid competitive advantage by participating in this underwriting of third-party allotment capital increase for HIGHRESO’s business expansion, as we have been continuously providing technology development and supporting HIGHRESO. We are looking forward to HIGHRESO’s business model growth as a computation service provider contributing to a sustainable society and building an IT platform that drives regional economy growth.

Hokuriku Electric Power Company
Managing Executive Officer       Mr. Hirata Wataru

Hokuriku Electric Power Group long term vision towards year 2030 is “Developing together with Hokuriku Region, bringing new added value to Japan and further to overseas”.

We would like to contribute to Hokuriku Region’s development through financing HIGHRESO that built its factory in Shika machi, Ishikawa prefecture, and continuously strengthening GPU business with advancement opportunities. We are actively generating employing opportunities to resolve regional concerns.

Cifra Incorporated
Representative Director Mr. Takekuma Toshiya

Cifra’s agricultural to food business extends all over in Japan and in China, with the mission to realize safety and secured food supply. Agriculture is the fundamental base of Japan, and we believe that computing and processing ability will be a necessity for Japan industry. State-to-the-art IT technology is closely related to agricultural and food sectors. We understand and agree with HIGHRESO’s mission, and we would like to expand together with HIGHRESO to be distinguished companies in Japan.

Jingukan Co., Ltd

President: CEO Kimura Michiko

We are a printing company with more than 110years history mainly publishing “calendar” that coach people towards prosperity and happiness.

Japanese are very caring and thoughtful, and we always work to improve our “calendar” to be a tool that helps everyone to be happy.

We see the bright future of GPU business along with AI and deep learning. We are looking forward to further expansion of HIGHRESO’s business.

■Company Profile

Company name: HIGHRESO Co.,Ltd.

Representative:  CEO Shikura Yoshiyuki

Date of Establishment: Dec 12th, 2007

Capital: 382 million yen (including capital reserve)

Address: Akasaka Community Building 5F

1-1-8 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Business Areas: GPU business, Advertising business

Corporate site: https://highreso.jp

Corporate Service site: https://gpu-advance.highreso.jp/

【For any enquiries to our company regarding the above please contact contact@highreso.jp