First company in Japan to sign “Cloud Service Provider Compute Agreement” with NVIDIA – to participate in NVIDIA partner program for Cloud/IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) field

On Nov 26, 2020, HIGHRESO Co.,Ltd. (Representative: Shikura Yoshiyuki, Head Office: Akasaka Community Building 5F, 1-1-8 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan) signed “Cloud Service Provider Compute Agreement” with world’s leading company in GPU computing, NVIDIA Corporation. HIGHRESO is the first company in Japan providing NVIDIA’s cloud services. HIGHRESO had been working on GPU service “HIGHRESO GPU ADVANCE” before that. With the agreement, we started to be able to provide IaaS services on machines with NVIDIA GPU in our data centers.

GPU computing platform by NVIDIA is actively being utilized in many areas due to its characteristics to accelerate AI and HPC at the same time of facilitating high throughput and low power consumption. Besides that, NVIDIA supplies the software tool that is most compatible to NVIDIA GPU, speeding up developer’s application configuration for various fields.

HIGHRESO operates the Japan biggest scale GPU specialized data center. We proactively use the container orchestration technology that is rare in Japan, carefully chose the land that may stably operates GPU, and we always keep in mind to cooperate with regional society efficiently while running our data centers. As a result, we attained significant cost reduction and provides GPU cloud services at affordable price.

With the cutting-edge GPU computing platform by NVIDIA and GPU cloud service accomplished by HIGHRESO’s high technology skills, we would like to not only contribute to Japan’s AI technology, but also to the research/application of parallel computing.

【Regarding Highreso GPU Advance】

HGA (Highreso GPU Advance) operated by HIGHRESO, was initially related to game graphic system development by student venture start-ups. The breakthrough to GPU business was from year 2016, and further progressed to the establishment of in-house data center with more than 5,000pcs at Shika machi, Ishikawa prefecture in August 2019. As of December 2020, HIGHRESO achieved the set-ups and operation results of more than 20,000pcs GPU, which is considered the largest scale in Japan. (※this includes set-ups for other companies data centers)

【CSP contracts】                                                                              

Abbreviation of Cloud Service Provider contracts, these contracts enable GPU resources to be provided as cloud services to NVIDIA data centers.

【Regarding Trademark】

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【Regarding HIGHRESO Co.,Ltd.】

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We strongly believe our innovative technology creates a bright future that brings lots of smile to people.

Company name:  HIGHRESO Co.,Ltd.

Address: Akasaka Community Building 5F

Representative: Shikura Yoshiyuki

Date of Establishment: Dec 12th, 2007

Business Areas: GPU business, Advertising business


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